How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner – Favorites at all Price Points

October 12, 2020

If you are new here, you might not know that Wednesday is Vacuuming Day for the Clean Mama Routine – it’s a day that we do a deep vacuuming of our homes. Every day CHECK FLOORS is a Daily Task – so we check and sweep or vacuum as necessary. See more about the Clean Mama Routine here. Over the years I have owned and tested A LOT of vacuum cleaners. The thing about vacuum cleaners is that if you ask anyone their opinion, a.) they have one and b.) either they LOVE their vacuum cleaner or they HATE it. So today, I’m going to save you the trouble and tell you some essential criteria for any vacuum cleaner and give you a handful of suggestions in all price ranges so you can make a more informed decision. Because it really stinks to get a brand new vacuum cleaner and have it work great for a month and then it completely loses its suction and ability to pick anything up. Ugh – been there, done that.

My recommendations are based on my own experience, testing and research, recommendations from readers, and ratings from retailers and Amazon.

My vacuum cleaner musts:

  • purchase the best that you can in your budget
  • look for attachments (bonus if they are stored ON the unit) – crevice nozzle, hose, upholstery brush, dusting
  • look for a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) – to be rated as a HEPA filter, a filter must keep tiny particles .3 microns in size or larger at 99.97% – this means that it’s keeping most particles whereas a non-HEPA filter vacuum is blowing those particles back into the air which in turn goes right back in your home. If you have allergy sufferers or anyone with asthma, this is most-definitely a must!
  • cord long enough that you don’t have to unplug it from room to room
  • multi-level filtration – if you don’t need/want the HEPA filter, make sure you have more than one filtration system to catch and hold dirt and dust
  • After having numerous vacuum cleaners with a canister/dirt tank, I prefer a bagged system and truth be told, it’s the main reason I switched from Dyson to Miele. I was sick of the dirt/dust escaping when I would empty the bin.
  • look for a brushroll that can be turned off for vacuuming hard surface floors – this keeps your hard surface floors scratch free.
  • check the weight of the vacuum cleaner and test them out – make sure it’s easy for you to maneuver

I’ve pulled together a couple favorites in 4 categories – these are vacuums that I recommend based on the above criteria in a variety of price ranges. I hope it helps you in your search for the perfect vacuum! I’ve also added affiliate links under the image to purchase if you’re interested – the vacuums are in order of price (I added the current price as well for your reference), low to high and I’ve added a * to the ones that I have owned/tested or currently own and recommend.

BISSELL Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair ($199)  – Neato Botvac D80 Robot (Pets and Allergies)*($624) Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision* ($799)

Eureka Mighty Mite Bagged Canister *($75) Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner* ($299)- Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister ($700)- Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister* ($1049) (this is the one I have with the Powerhead Bundle + HEPA filter)

BISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper ($28) – BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum – Eureka Hyperclean Cordless Vacuum ($289)- Dyson V7 Cordless Handheld Vacuum ($283) Miele Triflex HX1 Battery Powered Bagless ($499)

Sanitaire S635A Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner ($139) – Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional ($199) Dyson Ball Multi Floor w/ HEPA Filter ($299) – Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner* ($599)

What do you think? What’s your criteria for a vacuum cleaner? Have a favorite to share?

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I love my Miele vacuum cleaners and recommend them over any other vacuum cleaner but I know that they are pricey. For me, the fact that they have lasted for YEARS without any issues compared to every other vacuum cleaner I’ve owned lasting 1-2 years max, it’s worth it because it’s more cost effective in the long run. I love that there’s no dust or debris whipped up while I’m vacuuming and I love the ease of having the attachments on-board for on the go cleaning. My favorite Miele is the canister unit – I absolutely love its maneuverability and ease of use. It hits all of my criteria and then some. The HEPA filter and bagged system is one of the best out there – if you’re used to buying new vacuum cleaners every couple years, it makes sense to purchase a better one that will last for years to come.

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