About Our Business

We started with a goal of donating our time cleaning schools and helping our children have a healthier tomorrow. Our understanding of what goes into a job well done cleaning got us thinking, what about churches, the supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors offices, convenience stores, office buildings etc..

After all, hasn’t poor commercial cleaning been a touchy subject for many companies? We decided to developed a commercial cleaning system we can stand behind. Not just for our children, but for yours. We hire, train and equip our staff, and renew the definition of what a janitor can do. Our commitment is to provide personal relationships and reliability you’ll only find at All Business Cleaning Inc.

Call us today and you and your customers can get the benefits of working with All Business Cleaning Inc.

Our Mission

At All Business Cleaning Inc. we aim to provide an alternative to suboptimal cleaning services previously experienced in the commercial cleaning industry. When we say “turn over a new leaf” we mean it’s time to get the treatment your business deserves.

We offer experienced service from trained employees at competitive rates. Our idea about good service includes making sure you feel as cared for at work as you would hiring someone to clean your home.

We provide you with CDC/EPA approved disinfection techniques and don’t exploit the demand for the services by overpricing. You and your customers will finally breathe a sigh of relief. 

Call us today and you and your customers can get the benefits of working with All Business Cleaning Inc.


We are accredited disinfection prevention experts in the neutralization of bacteria and certain viruses (such as influenza, rhinovirus, and strands of coronavirus). These microscopic hazards like to linger on hard, nonporous surfaces so our strategy is first to clean your property and follow with a thorough disinfection of high touch, high traffic areas with EPA approved chemicals.

We believe consistency leads to peace of mind. That means having us service your business regularly with our trained specialists. Together we can meet the goals laid forth in your plan for cleaning & disinfection that we custom fit to every business who uses this service.

Call us today and you and your customers can get the benefits of working with All Business Cleaning Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits Of Hiring Professional “Move-In Move Out” Cleaners?

A move in move out clean is a renter’s dream. Most property owners will tell you that when a renter leaves they dread the deep clean. Move in move out cleaning is to restore a property to as “like new condition”. Our deep cleaning techniques including floor conditioning and disinfection will restore properties. The renter expects to capitalize on their investment by finding the ideal tennent and we aim to help.

Why Should I Contract A Professional Cleaning Company?

It’s about deep cleaning with the right tools. Commercial cleaners may have access to tools and item you would normally not. Professionals usually request a deep cleaning before contracting with a janitorial service. Cleaners perform a non recurring cleaning service as well as scheduled cleaning cycle.

What Does Construction Clean-Up Consist Of?

It’s about deep cleaning and debris removal. It’s the final stage of a job well done. After all subcontractors have finished their work on new construction. If the project is a remodel or repair then that can vary. Final cleanings can go by sections of work done. For example, if they finish the first floor and are on to the second we can finally clean the first.

How Can I Protect My Staff From Covid-19?

Office Cleaning is crucial because it keeps the business environment safe. The professional atmosphere is more welcoming and disinfection eliminates microbials threatening the workspace. Cleaning tough to reach spots can include moving certain furniture. Treating abrasive and porous surfaces with appropriate products helps ensure sanitization.

What Are Common Floor Types?

There are three types depending on your needs. Engineered Hardwood. If you’re looking for flooring that will last and is known for durability, then this is your floor.
Ceramic Tile Flooring. This has a concrete floor appeal. The appearance is nicer and provides low-maintenance cleaning options.
Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT, is cost-effective yet doesn’t sacrifice strength. This is easy to maintain and should keep cleaning consistent.
Although stain resistant these floors can accumulate markings and stains over time. All three floor styles should get a regular deep clean.

When Do I Need A Deep Clean?

At the beginning of any service contract with a commercial cleaning company.  An established janitorial service with any cleaning company should address periodic deep cleaning.

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