Janitorial Services

These services are preformed on the frequency requested by the client. Listed below are some of the standard janitorial services offered, however these can be tailored based on the individual needs of the business.

  • Vacuum – Cleaning staff will temporarily turn off fans when possible so particles that escape from the vacuum will not circulate through the facility.
  • Dusting – Damp microfiber rags will be used to wipe the dust off items in each room. Dusting will be done working from the top of the room to the bottom. Tops of frames, doorways, fixtures, and window sills will all be wiped down with a cloth. Tough to reach areas will be accessed with an extension duster.
  • Dust Mopping – 24″-48″ dust mop heads will be used to collect dust and debris from the floor of the room.
  • Sweeping – The room will be swept thoroughly with our standard 13″ and debris will be disposed of.
  • Trash & Supplies – Rooms will be emptied of all trash. Supplies will be replenished; trash bags, paper towel products, soap & disinfectant will be filled as available.
  • Bathrooms – Staff will clean and disinfect bathrooms including countertops and toilets. All dispensers will be refilled (soap, toilet paper, etc.). Trash will be removed from the bathroom.

Janitorial Services can be added to or included in any of our other services.

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