What we Learned from our Cleaning Safety Presentation

What we Learned from our Cleaning Safety Presentation

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  • Jan 21, 2015
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We recently had a guest speaker come to our carpet cleaning plant in Mt. Kisco and refresh our employees on cleaning safety techniques to use while they are in the field. Topics ranged from winter driving safety, lifting heavy objects and ladder safety. This session not only helped our employees learn new safety techniques, but also helped reinforce commonly overlooked safety hazards. Below are important topics from our cleaning safety presentation we wanted to share with you!


1. Winter Driving:

This winter in Westchester County NY, we have already seen our fair share of dangerous winter driving conditions due to snow and freezing rain. Since driving in inclement weather increases your chance of an accident it is important to be prepared. We equip our drivers with a list of tools such as snow shovels, ice scrappers, road flares and first aid kits in case of an emergency. (Click here for more on winter driving)

2. Heavy Lifting

Our workers often find themselves lifting heavy objects, which if done incorrectly can cause major back problems. To lift a heavy object you want to bend your knees and squat to pick it up instead of leaning forward over the object. Lift the object with your legs instead of your back. If an object is too heavy don’t let your pride get the best of you and ask for help.

3. Ladder Safety

Our window cleaning crews often find themselves on top of ladders to reach high windows so ladder safety is very important to us. A ladder should be set at a 75 degree angle and extend 3 feet above the landing area. When on the ladder you should have three limbs on the latter at all times. Example; one hand and two feet. You should also carry items up and down the ladder with a tool belt instead of in your hands. Lastly, you should always be centered on the ladder. If you reach too far and extend your body you can put the ladder off balance.

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