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When running a business, there are tons of different details to manage every day.

Unfortunately, one element that can get overlooked often is cleaning. Unless you are running a retail storefront or restaurant, keeping a clean business is not as much of a priority as other factors that influence your bottom line.

Because of this, many companies will neglect various parts of their interior spaces. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten spots that are often missed. Thankfully, there is an easy way to ensure that every area of your business is squeaky clean – by hiring a professional cleaning service.

#1 Air Vents

Central heating and cooling is an essential component of any workplace. However, when was the last time your vents were cleaned? Unless you focus on them specifically, they tend to get ignored. Over time, dust and other particles will collect within the ducts and the grating, which can get into the air.

Why It Matters

Some of your workers may have allergies, which can be triggered by dust and pollen in the vents. Also, if there is any mold developing within the walls, spores can get transported through the ducts. If that happens, your workers could get sick, which reduces productivity.

When to Clean Them

You should have your vents cleaned every few years to reduce the buildup of various substances. However, HVAC filters should be replaced once or twice a year.

#2 Knobs and Light Switches

If you stop to consider how often people touch doorknobs and light switch plates, it becomes immediately apparent that they are hotbeds of germ and bacteria. However, when it comes to cleaning, these pieces are often neglected, unless dirt and grime are visible on the surface.

Why It Matters

Many diseases spread through surface contact, so one infected person could share their germs with the whole office. Considering how fast a cold can spread, your staff could be looking at quite a few sick days.

When to Clean Them

Ideally, you should be wiping these spots down daily, especially ones that get the most traffic. However, twice a week should be the minimum to help cut down on the number of germs that collect.

#3 Keyboards

According to research, the average keyboard has 400 times more bacteria than a standard toilet seat. Community keyboards are particularly bad, but bacteria develop quickly even if the same person uses the keyboard.

Why It Matters

While it’s hard to pinpoint how many illnesses occur from dirty keyboards, the knowledge of having so many germs on it should be disturbing to anyone who uses them.

When to Clean Them

Like doorknobs and light switches, keyboards are continuously touched. However, because fewer people come into contact with keyboards, weekly cleaning and sanitizing should be sufficient.

#4 Printers and Copy Machines

As a general rule, people don’t pay much attention to machines unless they stop working. With printers and copiers, they will get ignored until there is a significant problem. As with most office machinery, these items have internal vents and fans that attract dust and dirt. Over time, these vents will get clogged.

Why It Matters

A little bit of dust won’t make much of a difference, but if it’s been years since the printer was cleaned, it could experience more issues than usual. A dirty fan works less efficiently, which can cause overheating and printer errors.

When to Clean Them

For the best results, you should clean these machines every six months or so. However, it depends on how often they’re used. For high-usage offices, we recommend a three-month schedule if possible.

#5 Stairs

While flooring is often cleaned daily or multiple times a week, stairs are usually not included in the process. If your office stairs are carpeted, you’ll notice that the spots with the most amount of traffic are worn and dirty. Dust and grime also accumulate in the crevices between stairs because they are hard to reach.

Why It Matters

A dirty staircase can create a bad image for your business, particularly if customers use it.

When to Clean Them

Depending on the amount of foot traffic they get, stairs should be cleaned about once or twice a month. For high-use stairways, we recommend once a week.

#6 Light Fixtures

As with air vents, light fixtures are often ignored because they are hard to reach. Over time, they will accumulate tons of dust and other particles.

Why it Matters

When too much dust and dirt is on the light itself, it won’t shine as brightly. Also, dust can get swept away by gusts within the office, which can trigger allergies and potentially asthma attacks.

When to Clean Them

Because dust is always around, we recommend cleaning these fixtures every two to three months to keep them spotless.

#7 Ceiling Tiles

If you were to look at your office’s ceiling right now, would you notice any dirty spots? If so, it’s likely that the tiles have not been cleaned in a long time. Not only can dust and dirt collects within the nooks and crannies, but tiles can get damaged and discolored.

Why It Matters

Overall, dirty ceiling tiles project an image of uncleanliness, both to employees and customers.

When to Clean Them

Fortunately, ceiling tiles don’t get dirty too fast, so cleaning them every two to five years should suffice. If any tiles get damaged or discolored, replace them immediately.

#8 Trash Cans

Have you ever pulled a trash bag out of the can, only to find that it is dripping some kind of fluid? If that happens, do you clean out the can or just replace the bag? Unfortunately, most people do the latter, which makes trash bins some of the dirtiest objects within the office.

Why It Matters

Although filthy trash can likely won’t make people sick, it can generate off-putting odors and look disgusting.

When to Clean Them

Depending on their usage and the kinds of bags you use, trash cans should be cleaned every few months.

#9 Ceiling Fans

Here we have another piece that gets neglected because it is hard to reach. If you touched the top of a ceiling fan, you’d likely discover a thick layer of dirt and dust.

Why It Matters

As the fan spins, it discharges excess dust into the air, causing health problems.

When to Clean Them

During the months you use the fans the most, you should clean them weekly or bi-weekly. If they aren’t running at all, you should just clean them before putting them back to work.

#10 Plants

Because plants are natural elements, it’s hard to clean them since you can’t use solvents or bleach. However, they can attract spiders and insects, and planters can become dirty and grimy.

Why It Matters

Pest infestations can get out of control if you’re not paying attention. Also, dirty customer-facing planters can give the wrong impression.

When to Clean Them

You should spray plants with pest control substances roughly once or twice a month, and clean the planters every few months, depending on how quickly they get dirty.

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