How to Clean Kitchen Cupboards + Cabinets

July 8, 2020

With the heavy use that most kitchens get, it doesn’t take much before cupboards get dirty with fingerprints, food spills and everyday dust and grime. You’ll be surprised at what a good washing can do to clean up your cupboards, no matter what the surface or color.

I like to wash the exterior of my cupboards monthly, or as needed. The interiors don’t typically get such a thorough cleaning on a monthly basis, but I like to wipe or vacuum out crumbs and dust as needed.

I use a simple formula for my cupboard and cabinet DIY cleaner. It’s gentle and safe to use on any cabinet surface. 


about 8 cups warm water

2-3 drops of natural dish soap or liquid Castile soap

small bowl or bucket – here’s the one I’m using in the kitchen favorites section of my Amazon shop

microfiber cleaning cloths and/or bar mop towels – find them here in my shop

Add 2-3 drops of natural dish soap.

Add 8 cups warm water to a bowl or bucket.

Dip microfiber cleaning cloth in the warm, soapy water and wring over the bowl until barely damp.

Work from top left and lightly scrub your way down to the right using the barely damp microfiber cloth. Be sure to rinse and put in the soapy mixture repeatedly as you work your way through your cabinets and cupboards.

As you go, buff/dry the cabinet doors and drawers with a clean cotton cloth – I like using bar mop towels for this purpose.

Don’t forget to wipe knobs and handles if you have them.

If you have time, wipe the inside of the doors and cabinets with this same solution.

This is a simple and effective way to clean your kitchen cupboards using ingredients you probably already have! If you want more info on my cleaning routine, head to my Start Here page.

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